Fully Automatic Laminator


Fully Automatic Laminator

Instant Electromagnetic Heater
heat up time shorten to 90 seconds
accurate temperature control:±1℃

1.Paper loading plate of feeder can land to ground to load paper pile easily.
2.Suction device guarantees stablity and smooth of paper sending.
3.Bigger heating roller with electromagnetism technology ensures high quality lamination.
4.Seperation structure design makes operation and maintaince easily.
5.New design of double layer patting plate of auto stacker makes operation easily.

Overview video

Technical Parameters

Max Paper Size
Min Paper Size
Paper Thickness 105-500 g/m2
Laminating Speed 0-60m/min
voltage 380V
Laminating temperature 80-110℃
Pre-Gross Power 20kw
Total Weight 2600kg
Overall Dimensions 4600x1350x1600 mm
High-speed Fully Automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Manual
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